Public School District Gave Almost $500K Of Taxpayer Money To ‘Equity’ Firm

Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School District raised eyebrows across America after it decided to send taxpayer-sourced funds to a so-called “equal outcomes” firm known as Performance Fact.

These revelations, coming from a trove of documents sourced by journalist Asra Nomani, showed that the school district handed $455,000 to the Oakland, California organization.

Nomani is both a parent and an outspoken activist who works against allowing far-left ideologies to permeate the school system, especially in the case of Virginia’s Fairfax County.

The mother and former Georgetown professor shared a video on Twitter last month of a Fairfax County staff member publicly acknowledging that it is her life’s work to “ensure equitable opportunities and equal outcomes for each and every student” that she has or had the opportunity to work with.

Nomani has claimed that her own son has been forced to suffer the consequences of a school district pushing ideologies that promote ‘equity’; he earned a Commended Student award in 2020 but allegedly was not recognized for the achievement before his graduation in 2021.

Performance Fact’s website promises that the organization is committed to helping students flourish in their academic endeavors:

At Performance Fact, our mission is clear:
To develop capable leaders,
strengthen professional practices, and
achieve extraordinary student results.

We collaborate with our clients by aligning our external expertise with their internal vision for their schools and communities. Our sole commitment and “soul purpose” is supporting educational leaders and practitioners with a system of solutions for building stronger schools and accelerating learning for all students … from thought to results.

Numerous partners can be found under Performance Fact’s client profiles, including Seattle Public Schools, Social Justice Learning Institute, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is quite evident that Performance Fact is a strong believer in the concept of ensuring an equal outcome of student successes, rather than equal opportunity alone.

As a leaked slide from a presentation by the organization revealed…

The Equity Imperative: Equitable Access, Equal Outcomes

Equitable access to resources and opportunities that guarantee fair, just, and affirming experiences and produce equal outcomes for every student, without exception

Desires for ensuring an equal outcome among students are apparently not limited to Performance Fact alone, as covered by outlets such as RedState: