Biden Administration Sued For Handing Power To WHO

Texas and Oklahoma filed suit against the Biden administration for what they say is the illegal delegation of power by the White House to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Daily Caller Foundation obtained a copy of the complaint. In it the plaintiffs accused the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of illegally granting the power to the WHO to declare a public health emergency in the U.S.

The complaint alleges that a 2017 rule gave HHS authority to the WHO. This power to decide when a public health emergency due to a communicable disease exists in the U.S. violates the law, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs charge that HHS definitions for emergencies are directly from the WHO. Further, “the Department’s definition of ‘public health emergency’…exceeds the agency’s authority.”

The illegal delegation of power violates both U.S. and state sovereignty, according to the plaintiffs.

Texas and Oklahoma petitioned last summer to have the rule rescinded, but the Biden administration denied the request. Now the states are pursuing legal action to block the federal government’s dependence on a foreign body to make domestic health declarations.

The case is being presented by America First Legal, which was founded by officials from former President Donald Trump’s administration. The group filed the suit in Texas district court.

In a statement to the Daily Caller, America First Legal president and former Trump advisor Stephen Miller noted “the last several years have been a horrifying tutorial” on how the nation’s global elites are willing to use the pretext of a health emergency to usurp the country’s self-rule.

With emergency powers, Miller declared that officials may impose “draconian and totalitarian controls” over U.S. citizens.

Trump loudly criticized the WHO for its reliance on China and famously pulled the plug on its funding during his administration. U.S. intelligence officials have concurred with his belief that the international health organization has close ties to Chinese communists.

It is of critical importance that emergency decisions affecting U.S. citizens come from legal authorities and not international organizations. The two states are correct in their belief that delegating this authority is unlawful and only serves the interests of those who deny American sovereignty.