Trump Wins North Dakota Caucus

Former President Donald Trump won the North Dakota caucus handily Monday, following a string of earlier wins. The victory came before the all-important Super Tuesday primaries, which propelled the former president closer to clinching the Republican nomination.

Following the polls closing, the former president was on track to win all of the state’s 29 delegates. Trump received about 85% of the vote, compared to former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s (R) approximately 14% share.

Trump had significant support in the state, including North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R), who endorsed Trump after a brief presidential campaign. Burgum called Trump a “friend and a partner in the White House who understood us and who wanted to see our states succeed versus being regulated out of business.”

“Now, I’ve had a chance as governor to see what the world is like under Joe Biden, and America needs a 180-degree change in the direction of where Joe Biden has taken us,” the governor said.

The victory also follows a number of wins for the former president last week. The former president won the Michigan state GOP convention after winning a wide victory in that state’s primary over Haley. The former president also won contests in Idaho and Missouri by large margins.

Trump’s win in North Dakota followed the only victory for Haley so far in the primary season. This weekend, Haley defeated Trump in the Washington D.C. Republican primary.

While Haley has one win in her column, she has yet to win a statewide contest. In one contest Trump did not compete in, the Nevada primary, Haley came in second to the option of ‘none of the above.’ Trump would then win the state’s GOP caucus.

With Trump’s strong showing on Tuesday, the former president is nearing the number of delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination.

Trump has also been buoyed by a number of positive polls, both regarding the primary and the general election. On Monday, the Supreme Court overturned the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision attempting to keep him off that state’s ballot.