Thunberg Deletes Prediction Of Planet’s End By 2023

Climate activist Greta Thunberg back in 2018 quoted a “top climate scientist” and asserted that humanity had only five years to rid itself of fossil fuel usage or be wiped off the planet.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Armageddon, and mankind is still alive and kicking. Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, Thunberg was able to see the error of her ways and recently deleted the misguided prediction.

However, the internet’s downside is that nothing is ever truly gone, and many have screenshots of the infamous tweet that will live on. The original posting was dated June 21, 2018, so there’s still theoretically three months for her forecast to come to pass.

And now, there are more tweets that show just how little regard many have for predictions of the planet’s demise.

One chagrined writer posted that he was taught in second grade that the ocean would be 150 feet higher by now. That was in 1980. Another Twitter post lamented that people “held up a high school dropout as some sort of expert on – anything, really.”

Yet, some people do. No less of an expert than the vice president of the United States chimed in recently on the environment and the youth of the world. Kamala Harris believes that children face a mental health crisis due to their fears of climate change.

If that is so, then it’s Harris’ colleagues who are stoking that fear. Thunberg is far from the only mouthpiece constantly putting a timeline on this or that moment of doom that is inevitable unless some specific action is taken.

One of Harris’ predecessors, Al Gore, made a living off of dire predictions that time and again have proven false. Economists and meteorologists would be embarrassed to have the track record of climate doomsday prophets.

The inescapable truth is that the left wants to hear about climate change. Thunberg spoke their language and rose to prominence despite not having the slightest bit of expertise in the field she is still called on to speak of.

There is money and attention readily available in predicting the end of humanity, especially when the forecast aligns with leftist ideology. And that remains true despite time and again being proven abjectly false.