Nonbinary Biden Admin Official Avoids Jail So Far Following Thefts

Former Biden administration official Sam Brinton is not in jail, despite facing criminal charges following accusations of stealing luggage from airports. The news came after he was forced out of a federal official and is currently facing criminal charges.

The former official was appointed the head of the nation’s nuclear waste policy for the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy in 2022.

Brinton reached national headlines after it was revealed that he stole a number of pieces of luggage, including reportedly from a fashion designer. The former official also received notable attention for a flamboyant wardrobe, including wearing dressings and high heels with a shaved head and lipstick.

Following the theft allegations, the DOE announced that Brinton was no longer employed there, but did not explain the reason why.

At the time, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) said that when people are appointed to such positions, “Americans mus tbe confident they can be trusted.”

Brinton allegedly stole another person’s luggage at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport worth more than $2,300 in October 2022.

He was separately charged with grand larceny tied to a similar alleged theft at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. The suitcase reportedly taken there was worth more than $3,600. This occurred while on an official trip funded by the federal government.

In addition, Brinton allegedly stole luggage from a Washington D.C. flight and was later seen wearing the clothes from a Tanzanian fashion designer. Following a search warrant, the clothes were returned to the female designer.

Brinton did not serve jail time for the Minneapolis and Las Vegas charges, but the Washington case is still ongoing.

In the Minneapolis case, the former official agreed to be mentally evaluated, apologize, return the property and conduct three days of community service. He also paid more than $4,000 in restitution and fees for the theft in Las Vegas, as well as receiving a 180-day suspended jail sentence.

It is not clear what will happen in the Washington case, although the case is still ongoing.