New York Faces Population Shift To Other States

New York State lost almost a quarter million people in net population in 2022, registering one of the worst population shifts in the country. The continued outflow of residents continues a longstanding trend of people moving from the Empire State and could affect the state’s representation in Congress.

The most recent census figures show that more than half a million New Yorkers left for other states. The top destination was Florida. Other residents moved to both neighboring states and to Texas and California.

A little more than 300,000 people moved to New York last year, resulting in a decline in population of nearly a quarter million.

Almost 100,000 of those who moved traveled to Florida, while about another 30,000 headed for Texas.

Following the 2020 census, New York lost a seat in Congress, which also affects its electoral vote total. The state once had the largest population in the union before being eclipsed by California in the 1950s.

However, New York has lost in relative population compared to other states. New York is currently ranked as the fourth-most populated state in the union behind California, Texas and Florida.

New York lost its third-place spot to Florida since the 2010 census, which showed it almost a half million residents ahead of the Golden State. Census figures from last year now show Florida with a population of more than 2.5 million more than the Empire State’s.

Furthermore, New York is one of several states that consistently faces significant outflow from residents.

Other states, such as Illinois and California also lost representation in Congress due to declining relative population. Some, such as Illinois, have faced an actual decline in the number of people living in the state in 2022 compared to the 2010 census.

Conservative critics believe that these several states have administrative issues in common. All three states have governors and legislatures run by the Democratic Party and among the highest tax rates in the country.