Nebraska Democrat Proposes Banning Young People From Church Events

Sen. Megan Hunt (D-NE) has introduced a proposal to ban young people from joining church events, such as youth groups, and penalize people who take youth to such functions.

The leftist lawmaker put the amendment forward in an attempt to “make a point about” Republican-introduced legislation that would ban young people from attending drag shows and punish adults who allow them to patronize such performances.

“This is an amendment that I will use to make a point about the underlying bill, LB371, which bans all-ages drag shows. It won’t pass, I would withdraw it if it had the votes to pass. It’s a device to make a point. We need not clench nor worry,” Hunt wrote online. “People are making a lot of the fact that I’m just trying to bring some levity to my work. Wow,” she said in a different post.

The drag-related bill that Hunt has voiced opposition to seeks punishments for people and businesses that permit the young to attend drag shows.

“No individual under nineteen years of age shall be present at a drag show. Any person nineteen years of age or older who knowingly brings an individual under nineteen years of age to a drag show shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor” reads the bill. “No individual under twenty-one years of age shall be present at a drag show if alcoholic liquor is being served at such a location.”

Hunt appears to be more far-left than most in her state’s legislature; the Democrat state senator drew controversy last month after she introduced a rule seeking to end the long-held tradition of beginning each day of the legislative session with prayer.
While Hunt did have some supporters, her idea was massively rejected, according to KLKN-TV.

She additionally has claimed that gun ownership is not a “God-given right,” but rather a “slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right.” Hunt then appeared to contradict herself by stating that she is not against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.