Marjorie Taylor Greene Boosts Trump In Iowa

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) campaigned for former President Donald Trump in Iowa this week less than two weeks before that state’s vital nominating caucus. The representative’s effort happened before a large and enthusiastic crowd supported the former president.

Greene spoke to an audience in Keokuk, Iowa, both boosting Trump and criticizing his rivals. She said that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) was “basically Hillary Clinton,” referencing the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic Party nominee.

The Georgia Republican also cited recent comments by Haley implying that New Hampshire would have to “correct” the decisions of Iowa voters. While Haley has risen in the polls in New Hampshire, she is well behind the former president in Iowa.

Greene said that the “Iowans I’ve been talking to are insulted and angry. All she has is the media because the media hates Trump!”

Greene told the crowd that Trump would fight to “defend your freedoms” and “defend your speech.” She argued that the former president would “protect our border” and called him the “only one you can trust.”

Greene also criticized Democratic Party arguments that Trump would be a “dictator.” President Joe Biden recently argued that should Trump be elected to another term later this year, he could take an authoritarian turn. Greene said that Trump “was our president for four years. We know what he can do” to cheers.

“We have to have President Trump because we have to protect free speech. And let me tell you the difference in all these candidates running,” she said. “There is not one of them, not one of them, that knows what it’s like to be attacked by the deep state, the media, big corporations, social media. Not one of them know what that’s like.”

Greene has been speculated as a potential vice presidential pick for the former president and has been one of his most tireless advocates on his behalf, both on the campaign trail and in Congress.