House Republicans To Consider Hunter Biden Contempt Charges

House Republicans announced this week that they are considering contempt charges against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The move came just weeks after the First Son did not testify before Congress, despite a subpoena, and after numerous federal firearms and tax charges.

The House Oversight Committee plans to meet next week regarding the issue after Hunter Biden refused to testify before Congress, defying multiple subpoenas.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) was joined by House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) in making the announcement.

Comer said that the committee would “consider a resolution and accompanying report to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for defying lawful subpoenas.”

The meeting is set for Jan. 10.

“We planned to question Hunter Biden about this record of evidence, but he blatantly defied two lawful subpoenas, choosing to read a prepared statement outside of the Capitol instead of appearing for testimony as required,” Comer said.

Rather than testify before the members of Congress, Hunter Biden’s attorney instead said that his client would only testify in a public session. On the day that he was to testify, the president’s son gave a statement outside the U.S. Capitol, in which he denied wrongdoing.

The news also comes after reports that the president’s son is considering a documentary to share his side of the story.

House Republicans have been sharply critical of Hunter Biden and his family’s business dealings, especially after millions of foreign payments were revealed by the House Oversight Committee.

According to Comer, Hunter Biden and other members of the family, including the president’s brother James, received funds from accounts linked to China, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania.

In addition, some of the funds came from a party linked to the Communist Party of China. Hunter Biden allegedly told a Chinese business associate that he would contact his father if a planned business agreement did not go through.

Hunter Biden faces a number of firearms and tax charges. The Department of Justice (DOJ) alleges that the First Son did not pay taxes on multiple years of earnings, shorting the federal government of about $1 million in tax payments.