Gov. Youngkin: China’s Goal Is ‘World Domination’

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who last month killed a joint venture between Ford and a Chinese company to open a new electric vehicle battery plant, asserted Sunday that China is trying to control the American economic supply chain via the use of “Trojan horse relationships like the one they have engineered with Ford Motor Company.”

NBC News noted that Youngkin’s move to push the plant away from his state could be part of a larger strategy to prepare himself for a 2024 presidential run.

“China has one goal: world domination, and to do it at the expense of the United States,” the Republican governor explained during an appearance on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” “They’re using every avenue possible from, yes, saber-rattling with their military to surveillance balloons and TikTok.”

The Virginia governor stressed that the state is “standing up strong, including being sure that its farmland is not bought by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“We’ve got a bill now through on a bipartisan basis that I will sign that will keep China from buying our agricultural farmland, particularly next to our nationally strategic assets like the Pentagon and Quantico and the largest naval base in the world,” stated Youngkin. “We’re going to keep these assets safe.”

Youngkin emphasized that as a longtime businessman, he has met with Chinese Communist Party representatives in the past and is aware of “exactly what they’re doing.”

“They are using their economic coercion tactics in order to gain access to our supply chain, and that’s exactly what they did to General Motors back in 2016 when they demanded General Motors dump a Korean battery manufacturer,” the governor added. “Economic security for the United States is critical.”

He blasted the Biden administration for allegedly letting China’s advances occur, and expressed his desire for members of the U.S. Congress, company CEOs, and American citizens to understand that the “liberal agenda will stand up to China until it gets uncomfortable and the minute that it encroaches on their green agenda or their liberal agenda to take donations from China into our universities and other places, they will back down.”

Youngkin argued that the United States has turned a “blind eye” for years, and must now make moves to stop China from dominating the minerals industry.

He additionally discussed Democrat school policies, noting that his win in Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial race demonstrated that empowering parental choice in schools is a winning issue for the Republican Party.

“It’s not because it’s Republicans against Democrats, it’s about empowering parents and recognizing that all parents, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, care about their children,” proclaimed Youngkin.