DA Blasted Over Asheville Crime Surge

A member of the Democratic establishment in North Carolina is catching heat after a major crime wave under his watch.

The city of Asheville, North Carolina is often referred to as a topic city for tourists. It’s also been compared to the city of Portland, Oregon. In some ways, the comparison is becoming more real following the recent increase in crime.

The city has suffered from a general increase in the crime rate over the last several years. However, it’s the recent surge in burglary that has captured the headlines.

Local news first reported on the crime wave, which was then picked up by the national press. Whether looking at it from a local or national view, the increase is staggering.

Officers in the city responded to 41 break-ins in all of 2022. So far this year, they’ve seen 11, already more than a quarter of the previous two years. One bar was targeted twice in several days. One source stated that not all robberies are reported.

One officer points the finger directly at the District Attorney, The district attorney of Asheville’s Buncombe County is Todd Williams, whose office is now grappling with the sharp increase in crime.

Weaker enforcement of the law leads to a general sense that crime can go unpunished, as proven in the successful prosecution of ‘broken windows policing’ in the 1990s.

Unfortunately, much of this news is not surprising. Asheville is one of a number of Democrat-run areas that have recently seen a massive surge in crime.

This wave included the staggering statistic that crime increased in the city by 200% in January 2023 alone!

The news is a reminder of the wider surge in crime the nation has seen since 2020. Since that time, a number of Democrat-run cities and states have seriously reduced their effective law enforcement.

The decline of policing and “bail reform” laws have created a serious mix of crime confronting those areas. Asheville is the next in line to learn a lesson the hard way: police exist for a reason.