Zelenskyy’s Corruption is Tolerated By the Left and the Media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being embraced with open arms by the Biden administration, the mainstream media, and seemingly most Americans. However, his corruption and deep ties to radical leftist politicians are being overlooked.

Supporting Ukraine is the now “tolerant” thing to do in American society. The disturbing thing is that the masses are fawning over a country and a leader they no little to nothing about.

Ukraine is far from the democracy that news stories are trying to portray it to be. Before Zelenskyy was put into office, Petro Poroshenko held the title of president.

In January of 2022, Poroshenko was forced to return to Kyiv to face treason charges. He has claimed that Zelenskyy is heading an attack on him to try and silence any political opposition that may arise.

Poroshenko found himself in his political position when the Obama administration chose him for the role in 2014.

The media portrays Ukraine as an innocent, free country. But the facts show a completely different scenario. So instead, the focus has been shifted to Russia and its president Vladimir Putin.

In March, Zelenskyy banned any opposition party, which was eleven in total. He then created a single state-run media outlet to ensure all press about him was good and allowed him to push any propaganda he wanted.

The people of Ukraine have almost no ability to receive actual news since their leader now operates it. The United States has faced similar issues with biased media sweeping the airwaves.

Under Zelenskyy, free elections, true media and the ability to have opposing parties are a thing of the past.

The media and global leaders are saying the Russia-Ukraine war is so dangerous, yet Zelenskyy has made time for several media photo shoots. He also has been meeting with American politicians who obviously are comfortable enough to meet him, the supposed war-torn country of Ukraine.

And who is Zelensky’s political inspiration that helped him get to where he is today? Well, it is none other than radical leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Zelenskyy posted a picture of himself on Twitter with Trudeau saying, “@JustinTrudeau was one of those leaders who inspired me to join politics.”

It’s one thing for the average American to be duped by the leftists’ tactics of believing whatever they’re told. But it gets disturbing when the right starts embracing agendas like supporting Ukraine without delving into the facts of the situation.