Xi Jinping Predecessor Removed From Chinese Communist Party Summit

Former Chinese President Hu Jintao, Xi Jingping’s immediate predecessor, was abruptly and unexpectedly led out of the closing ceremonies of the Chinese Communist Party Summit.

Hu was sitting directly to the left of current Chinese President Xi Jinping when security officials forced him to leave the summit.

Two officials forcibly lifted Hu out of his chair where he stood for at least a minute, looking confused and seemingly not expecting the change of events. Eventually, Hu walked out with security, but there is still no real explanation about why he was removed from the summit.

According to the “Daily Mail,” Hu’s name has been scrubbed from Chinese social media and internet searches with his name included have been censored in the country.

The removal of Hu from the summit has divided the internet with some people believing that Hu was not feeling well while others believe that Xi deliberately orchestrated the scene as a show of power.

The timing of the incident as well as Hu’s demeanor while he was being led off the stage point more towards an orchestrated event.

According to Fox News, Hu was removed at the same time that reporters were called in to cover the closing ceremonies. Had he been removed just five minutes earlier, there is a good chance nobody outside of the summit would have seen it.

When Hu is first approached, he would not stand up himself, forcing security to lift him to his feet. After he finally does stand up, he appears to talk both to Xi and to the official directly next to him while those seated close by divert their eyes.

Regardless if the event was orchestrated or if Hu was having health problems, Tom Hancock, China Economy Reporter for Bloomberg noted that the Communist Party Summit was being “overshadowed at the moment by the remarkable sight of Hu Jintao being led away from the congress without explanation.”

Xi has stirred controversy for remaining for a third term as the country’s president, a move that Hu never considered during his time in power.