‘Woke’ Spanish Put to Sleep in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital has had enough of radical leftists trying to neuter the Spanish language. Buenas Aires banned the use of gender neutral fake Spanish in the city’s schools, striking a blow to those who want to restructure the primary language of over half a billion people.

Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Laretta announced that butchering the Romance language is no longer acceptable. Children, he declared, must be taught to respect its grammatical rules to learn to “master the language as it is.”

Latin was not a Romance language, but it evolved and gave birth to Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Like all the subgroup’s languages, Spanish is gendered with every noun either masculine or feminine, and it is critical to match each with proper verbs.

In 2022 every knee must bow to the lords of gender fluidity and inclusivity, and that includes the most basic cultural bindings of language. We’ve all heard “amigos” and “amigas.” Now there’s “amigues,” a word that doesn’t exist but was invented by woke revolutionaries to denounce gender.

The mayor’s resolution states that the historical “o” and “a” that designate gender will not be replaced by “e,” “x,” or even “@.” Proponents of “inclusive” Spanish lashed out at the decision.

Vico Ortiz, non-binary star of HBO’s “Our Flag Means Death,” criticized the decision as discriminatory and “silencing” his existence. This move, Ortiz claimed, allows others to “feel they can lawfully ignore who I am.” He declared that he and his community “will never be forgotten.”

He chided the government for not challenging the language’s “stagnant structure.”

The U.S. is far from immune to this silliness. Radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted her own Democratic colleagues recently for not using “Latinx.” The leftist diva told party members to drop the “drama” and accept that “gender is fluid, language is fluid.”

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) had a far different reaction when the New York Yankees tweeted recently about gun violence. The Bronx baseball team used “Latinx,” a term Torres says is almost never used in his home district — The Bronx — which is 66% Hispanic.

Don’t look now, but the radicals are coming for the language as well. Kudos to the mayor of Buenos Aires for putting his foot down in opposition to radicals indoctrinating children. Most adults don’t subscribe to such foolishness, so the left turned to targeting kids.