Withdrawal From Ukraine Strategies After Biden Speaks To Putin

There’s a disconnect between President Joe Biden’s administration and what’s good for the United States of America. Biden’s inability to be a confident and stable leader shows the world that the U.S. isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Natasha Bertrand, CNN reporter covering the White House and national security and likely not a physical deviant like CNN host Chris Cuomo, tweeted, “New: The Biden administration is exploring options for a potential evacuation of Americans from Ukraine if Russia were to invade, half a dozen sources tell CNN. The Pentagon is leading the contingency planning, and for now, is only prudent.”

That worked well last time. Hopefully, the Pentagon realizes that National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and General Mark Milley weren’t the right people for the job last time, and they have some others make some of the decisions this time.

Honestly, it shouldn’t come to that, given that Biden is a great negotiator, right?

The White House video call briefing between Biden and Vladimir Putin didn’t have the transcript. Still, it did note, “President Biden voiced the deep concerns of the United States and our European allies about Russia’s escalation of forces surrounding Ukraine and made clear that the U.S. and our allies would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of military escalation.”

The U.S. hurt the relationship with its allies in the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Opening the invitation to our allies in an attempt to help could end if they decline or change their minds.

John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary, said, “The Department of Defense is a planning organization that must be prepared for any contingency anywhere in the world.” We spend a lot of time deliberating over various scenarios. However, there is no demand signal for civilian evacuations in Ukraine, and it would be incorrect to conclude that the Pentagon is actively preparing for them.”

The possible military invasion is anticipated to occur in early 2022, but a specific timeline has been discovered. “We’ve been aware of Russia’s actions for a long time, and I expect that we’ll have a long discussion with Putin,” Biden said.

Jake Sullivan, who shouldn’t be involved with this whatsoever, said that the U.S. would “provide additional defensive material to the Ukrainians and we would fortify our NATO allies on the eastern flank with additional capabilities in response to such an escalation.” Great. He’s such a squared away guy. Hopefully, his curler rock doesn’t miss him while he’s getting 2 hours of sleep and working too hard for the countries own good.