Will Chamberlain’s Response After Mitt Romney Calls Infrastructure Bill A ‘Win For Republicans’ Is All Of Us

The infrastructure bill isn’t partisan, and it isn’t good for America. To suggest it’s a bipartisan attempt to further America’s progress. It is outrageous, yet Mitt Romney, being the RHIO he is, means it’s a win for Democrats, Republicans, and the American people.

If it were indeed a win for the American people, we wouldn’t have to pay for it and get thrown further into debt. The bill adds mileage tax to all vehicles and gives $107 billion for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship and border security, to name a few “bipartisan” issues.

If you believe that all Republicans and Democrats are coming together to pass this bill, you’re not seeing what everyone else is seeing. The border crisis is a disaster, and as Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina, said, it would invoke an illegal immigration swing that hasn’t ever been seen before.

Twitter is in an uproar about the bill, and rightfully so because it would affect Democrats and Republicans for generations to come. Republicans should focus their time assisting Americans by lowering taxes and repairing the border, not encouraging illegal aliens to come into the nation and raise their taxes.

Mitt Romney said, “It’s a win for Republicans, and it’s a win for Democrats, it’s a win for the Senate to say we can work together, that we’ve been able to overcome partisan differences to do something right for America.”

When are a loss, a loss, and a win, a win? It doesn’t matter what Republicans and Democrats can agree on when it puts the American people further in the negative. Romney championing a bipartisan bill is like Anthony Weiner taking you on a date, you may feel good about yourself, but you’re going to get something you weren’t asking for.

Will Chamberlain, lawyer, and senior counsel at the Internet Accountability Project, Article 3 Project, and Unsilenced.org, said, “If you weren’t skeptical of the infrastructure bill before you should be now,” which brings up the question of the bill’s true bipartisanship or Republican’s integrity for their voter base.

We’re in big trouble if this is the Republican enthusiasm and a preview of what’s to come. Republicans have backed down on several topics when they should have remained hard. The first is election integrity, and the second is this infrastructure bill. There is no need for the United States to spend any more money until it is necessary to provide for its citizens’ needs. Imagine if they enacted a $1.2 trillion bill that affected every citizen in the country directly. As a result, we would all be better off, and our trust in the government would grow, but they have neither intention nor the ability to safeguard us. Should we, however, expect them to?