White House Warning of More Inflation

For over one year, inflation has been a persistent issue causing hardships in the lives of Americans.

With prices rising and incomes not following suit, the American people have been forced to make certain lifestyle adjustments to bring down their personal living costs. For some folks, this means buying less groceries or even putting aside retirement plans.

Other Americans have been forced to seek out a second or third job just to make ends meet and be able to feed their families. The continuous jumps in interest rates certainly aren’t helping matters either.

Now, the Biden administration is sending out a warning of “highly elevated” inflation data.

The Latest From the Biden Administration on Inflation
On Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the nation to expect inflation data from the upcoming consumer price index briefing to be significantly elevated.

Jean-Pierre said the root cause of this projected elevation boils down to energy costs in June being far more expensive than they are this month. The Biden official also stated that what Americans observe from the report of the consumer price index will be “out of date.”

This past Monday, the White House also continued to insist upon the “strength” of the current economy. Jean-Pierre stated high gas costs and inflation are ultimately the fault of Biden’s Russian counterpart, rather than of leadership here at home.

Wednesday is the projected time for when Americans can expect the release of new inflation data. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this report will show a massive uptick in prices that rivals anything seen since December 1981.

A New Scapegoat For Economic Problems?
For quite some time, the White House has been finding various excuses and scapegoats to dodge accountability for domestic economic issues.

Now, that latest scapegoat appears to be the GOP. On Sunday afternoon, Biden tweeted out that Republicans aren’t doing anything but “obstructing” Democrats’ efforts to lower consumer costs.

This sentiment prompted backlash from many Republicans. GOP members pointed out that Biden ran a campaign based on taking personal responsibility in office. Yet, time and time again, the president blames others for the fallouts happening on his watch.