White House Set to Give Ukraine a New Weapons Package

The American economy has been in freefall for quite some time. A recession is here. Inflation is rising and the Federal Reserve is on track to raising the interest rate yet again.

Fiscal conservatives and Americans nationwide have been screaming from the rooftops that the federal government needs to stop spending money. However, the federal government isn’t listening.

Amid economic decline, the White House recently announced that it’s getting ready to send a $1 billion weapons package to Ukraine, due to the nation’s ongoing war against Russia.

What to Know About This New Weapons Package
In this new weapons package, America is going to be supplying Ukraine with long-range firearms, transportation vehicles with armor, and high-grade ammunition. Despite the current $1 billion valuation, there is still more room for the package to grow, as it hasn’t been completely finalized.

The State Department recently announced the package, branding it as a show of support for allies. Per the State Department, America remains committed to pushing back against Russian aggression in all forms.

If this weapons package goes through as planned, it will mark the biggest singular package that America’s sent to Ukraine since Russia attacked.

As the White House continues finding reasons to send aid to Ukraine, it’s been accused of putting the nation’s interests above those of the United States.

Because this new spending package is going to be paid for through the Presidential Drawdown Authority, Congress’ control over the package will also be quite limited.

Pushback From the American People
In today’s economy, the average American is being crushed by expensive gas prices, high food costs, and growing interest rates. Therefore, many people aren’t too pleased to know that Ukraine is getting a new aid package while Americans here need serious aid as well.

The president hasn’t announced any sort of cap on the amount of money he’s willing to send over to Ukraine. In fact, Biden’s even on the record saying “as much as it takes” to help Ukraine win the war will be sent over.

In the meantime, the Biden administration has yet to lay out a plan to bring down inflation, improve the energy sector, or spare Americans from crushing interest rates.