White House Secretary Continues To Entertain With Laughable Gaffe

What do the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and the Nordstrom department store have in common – White House Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre is not doing so well when it comes to gaffing. This time she referred to the Russian Nord Stream pipeline as the Nordstrom pipeline, allowing for many chuckles via tweets and other commentary.

“What we see Russia is doing, we’ve been very clear about this, is that they’re using energy, they’re weaponizing energy,” she said at the press briefing. “One of the things that has been out there, they shut down the pipeline of Nordstrom 1.”

Fox TV host Jimmy Failla tweeted, “ Not sure what’s worse, that Karine Jean Pierre just called it The NORDSTROM Pipeline, or that Biden yelled at his TV, “no dummy, it’s Bloomingdales.”

Citing routine maintenance, Nord Stream 1 was shut down last month and expected to reopen. However, it now is indefinitely closed leaving countries without fuel for the energy they need.

Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy company made the announcement slightly before it was scheduled to reopen allowing gas to flow to European countries via the pipeline.

While Russia blames sweeping international sanctions imposed over its war in Ukraine as a leading factor in its inability to effectively maintain the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Europe and the U.S. insist Russia is weaponizing energy.

Although the official reason for Russia cutting off natural gas from flowing through the pipeline is a malfunction in a turbine, a spokesperson for Moscow said that the suspension would continue until Western countries end their sanctions over Russia’s war with Ukraine.