White House Questioned on Biden Voicemails

Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, is quickly turning out to be a liability for his father.

Weeks ago, recordings from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed the first son bragging about how his father is totally under his control.

According to Hunter, the president knows Hunter is the better man and has been telling him that since the latter was two-years-old. In these recordings, Hunter also claimed his father will say whatever he wants him to say, despite political ramifications.

Now, the latest chapter in the Hunter Biden saga involves a voicemail the president left for his son involving the latter’s business in communist China.

This matter is one that Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about this week.

Doocey vs. the White House on Biden’s Voicemail
The voicemail of Biden communicating with his son about business deals in China dates back to 2018. During this time, Biden tells Hunter the latter is, in all likelihood, clear of trouble.

This is not a good look for the current president, especially since he previously said he never had conversations with Hunter about his business arrangements in China. When Doocey asked Jean-Pierre about Biden making this claim in spite of the existing voicemail, things turned tense.

The White House press secretary expressed what Biden says “stands,” but Doocey didn’t back down. He again reiterated the existence of the voicemail before asking how this works with Biden saying he never discussed any business in China with Hunter.

At this point, Jean-Pierre claimed she wasn’t going to speak about “alleged” content found on Hunter’s laptop. When Doocey pushed back again, the press secretary advised him to reach out to Hunter’s “representative.”

When the White House press secretary was again questioned by a different reporter, she again restated that she wouldn’t speak to any of the content “allegedly” found on the first son’s laptop.

A Lack of Transparency
During the earliest days of the Biden administration, it made a commitment to be transparent with the general public. Americans have yet to see this transparency.

The voicemail in question very much proves that Biden was not truthful when claiming he never discussed Chinese business commerce with his son. In light of this, much of the country is wondering what else the president has lied about.