White House Honors Rogue Democrat Lawmakers, Ignores Shooting Victims

Three Tennessee Democratic lawmakers are set to be honored at the White House for their actions following the Nashville Covenant School shooting. Legislators Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson disrupted a legislative proceeding in collaboration with gun control protesters who invaded the Tennessee Capitol. Their protest was dubbed an insurrection by Second Amendment advocates. Despite this, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that President Biden wishes to “thank them for speaking out and standing their ground.”

Critics have pointed out that while these lawmakers have received praise and attention, the families of the Nashville Covenant School shooting victims have been left waiting for an invitation from the White House. Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy raised this concern during a press briefing, only to receive an evasive response from Jean-Pierre.

This oversight has sparked outrage from conservative figures, such as James Hutton, an Iraq War veteran, who tweeted, “For the Biden WH, it’s politics all the time no matter what. Bringing in loudmouth politicians instead of actual victims is yet another new low.”

Rachel Bovard, senior policy director at the Conservative Partnership Institute, similarly expressed her disapproval: “Lionizing self-aggrandizing fame-hungry politicians over the families who lost their babies. Brazen incompetence paired with total cravenness. How on brand for the Biden White House.”

The lawmakers’ visit to the White House coincides with President Biden’s push for gun control legislation, including an assault weapons ban. Jones, Pearson, and Johnson faced expulsion from the GOP-controlled chamber for their roles in the protest, which took place after the tragic shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville that claimed six lives, including three children. The lawmakers were expelled but shortly reinstated to their seats.

Since then, they have embarked on a media tour, appearing on shows such as Good Morning America. Their upcoming visit with President Biden is seen as an opportunity to call for further gun-control legislation. Meanwhile, the families of the Nashville shooting victims have yet to receive an invitation to the White House.

This pattern of prioritizing politicians over victims is consistent with the actions of Vice President Kamala Harris, who previously traveled to Nashville to meet with the Tennessee lawmakers but did not meet with the families of the shooting victims. In addition, Marc Thiessen, former George W. Bush speechwriter, criticized the Biden administration’s “situational ethics” and condemned the fact that the victims’ families have not been extended an invitation to the White House.

It appears that the White House is more interested in furthering a political agenda than genuinely addressing the needs of those directly affected by the Nashville Covenant School shooting. As the administration continues to push for gun control legislation, the question remains: Will the voices of the victims and their families ever be heard?