Whistleblowers Accuse FBI Of ‘Padding’ Domestic Terrorism Stats To Play Up Threat

Whistleblowers have alleged that the FBI is pressuring agents to reclassify cases as “domestic violent extremism” in order to pad the numbers and play up the threat, despite weak evidence that the cases belong in the category, at the same time that the Biden administration has been pushing a narrative that domestic violent extremism is the ‘greatest threat’ the U.S. is currently facing.

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) — the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee — stated that FBI whistleblowers have come forward alleging that the agency is “padding domestic terrorism data” to make the threat appear greater than it is.

Jordan asserted that the FBI is misclassifying cases as being perpetrated by Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) in an effort to support a “narrative” from the Biden administration surrounding the threat posed by DVEs.

“From recent protected disclosures, we have learned that FBI officials are pressuring agents to reclassify cases as ‘domestic violent extremism’ even if the cases do not meet the criteria for such a classification. Given the narrative pushed by the Biden administration that domestic violent extremism is the ‘greatest threat’ facing our country, the revelation that the FBI may be artificially padding domestic terrorism data is scandalous,” the Ohio Republican wrote.

“We have received accusations that FBI agents are bolstering the number of cases of DVEs to satisfy their superiors. For example, one whistleblower explained that because agents are not finding enough DVE cases, they are encouraged and incentivized to reclassify cases as DVE cases even though there is minimal, circumstantial evidence to support the reclassification,” Jordan continued.

The GOP congressman went on to reveal that the FBI designed a system of rewards for agents who classify cases as being under the ‘Domestic Violent Extremist’ label.

“Another whistleblower — who led at least one high profile domestic terrorism investigation — stated that a field office Counterterrorism Assistant Special Agent in Charge and the FBI’s Director of the Counterterrorism Division have pressured agents to move cases into the DVE category to hit self-created performance metrics. According to whistleblowers, the FBI uses these metrics to dispense awards and promotions. Every whistleblower has called it an environment of ‘pressure’ within the FBI,” Jordan wrote.

Wray has asserted that the threat posed by Domestic Violent Extremists is supposedly the primary terrorism threat the country is currently facing.

Testifying before Congress in 2021, the FBI director claimed that the 2020 election fed into that threat, stating that the FBI estimated that incidents of DVE could potentially become more common and widespread as a result of radicalization from the election.

“Looking forward, the FBI assesses DVEs pose an elevated threat of violence to the United States, and some of these actors have been emboldened in the aftermath of the breach of the U.S. Capitol. We expect Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists, Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists, and other DVEs will very likely pose the greatest domestic terrorism threats in 2021 and likely into 2022,” Wray said in his testimony to Congress in June 2021.

Jordan’s letter follows yet another scandal involving the FBI, as Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) recently alleged in a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI that bureau agents and officials were working together in a coordinated effort to downplay evidence of Hunter Biden’s misconduct, helping push the left-wing talking point that the evidence was just ‘misinformation.’