What Bill De Blasio Did To New York City Made Him “The Most Racist Mayor” In America

New York City is freer today than they have been since former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took office. De Blasio likes to claim that the city is better off now than when he took office, but that’s not even close to accurate.

Through some questionable decisions that former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg made, there aren’t many things that can compete with de Blasio’s racist COVID-19 vaccine passport program, his lack of desire to combat crime, and defunding the New York Police Department.

De Blasio wasn’t met with crying eyes as he left office, either. One sign said, “Buh-Bye Sh*t-Head. Thanks for f**king up our city!”

De Blasio thinks that he was great for the city for some reason and told NBC Today, “I’m convinced this place is better than eight years ago” and “New York is better because of New Yorkers.”

Yes, New York is better because New Yorkers had to ban together to survive an awful mayor. When you rely less on the government, it forces you to rely on each other. That should be every mindset of every citizen in every city.

De Blasio also said that NYC is “the safest big city in America.” That’s not true, either.

NYC has seen a rise in violent crime over the past several years. The overall crime rate is up 11.2% in October 2021 versus 2022, making it a terrible decision to defund the police, and that takes us to the most crucial topic of de Blasio’s vision of New York City.

The NYPD has begun arresting people for not being vaccinated in public businesses. For de Blasio to distrust and defund the police, he sure does trust them to go out and capture people, causing conflict and use of force incidents, for not being vaccinated in his lovely city. The assault on the public during these incidents is unconstitutional, likely illegal. It causes undue-stress on the American people who want to be left alone to live their lives. Data proves that the Black American community is unvaccinated at a higher rate than other races, making the COVID-19 vaccine passport program racist.

Who would have known that in the United States in 2022 that segregation would make its way back into the American public with alarming support from citizens and politicians alike?

The Democrat party isn’t the party history will favor, and they have to know that. De Blasio will go down as a terrible mayor, and other politicians and police departments will go down with him to follow these tyrannical orders. Police officers have discretion when dealing with crime, especially misdemeanors and city ordinance violations. There was no legislation process for the COVID-19 vaccine passport program, so it’s a mere city ordinance violation, a ticket. For these incidents to include forces from the police department isn’t going to look good in the long run.