Warnock’s Ex-Wife Asks Court To Intervene For Child’s Expenses

Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife asked a court last week to bring the Democratic Senator from Georgia in for questioning from her legal team over issues concerning their child custody fight.

Ouleye Ndoye alleged in court filings that the minister and Senator did not see his children during custody times and neglected to assist her with paying child care expenses.

Her lawyers told Warnock, who faces a runoff election with Republican challenger Herschel Walker next month, that they plan a deposition on Jan. 18, 2023.

That would fall just days after the Senate is scheduled to return to session.

Allegations resurfaced during the Senate campaign over a March 2020 incident between the two while their divorce filing was still pending. Ndoye reported to Atlanta police officers that Warnock ran over her foot during a confrontation outside of her home.

She called him a “great actor” when he denied her account, and the pastor was not charged. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, medical workers did not find signs of injury to the foot.

Warnock told the newspaper that her allegations of his running over her “didn’t happen.”

The senator’s tumultuous divorce and custody fight have been spotlighted during the past several months of campaigning.

Walker’s supporters ran numerous ads showing Ndoye on police video footage accusing Warnock of hitting her with his car.

The couple split in 2020 after being married four years, and Ndoye took Warnock to court in February over their child custody agreement. She asked to be able to move to Massachusetts to participate in a Harvard program as well as for more financial support.

She noted in her court filing that her ex-husband’s income “substantially increased” after he won his Senate race. She claimed to be “financially strapped” due to his alleged refusal to reimburse expenses related to their children.

Financial records reportedly show that Warnock’s income more than doubled after his term began in 2021.

This is mainly from outside employers and reported book deals.

In June, Warnock asked a judge to seal the entire case because details could be used to “gain some political advantage” by his political opponent. Earlier this year, the pastor attempted to subpoena Ndoye’s college records in a move she labeled as solely for “embarrassing and harassing” her.