WaPo’s Headline About Putin And Trump Wanders Into ‘Babylon Bee Territory’

People would instead twist reality into a pretzel than admit they were wrong. They tend to double down on mistakes to convince themselves that their worldview is still okay. Enter the Washington Post. Without a tinge of self-awareness, the newspaper published a story with the Headline “With Biden Standing Firm, Putin Must Wonder: Where’s Trump When I Need Him?” Where to begin?

How about the fact that Putin only invades Ukraine when Joe Biden ascends to the executive branch? Crimea anyone? Sleepy Joe is batting a thousand percent on Putin invasions. It is not just mainstream newspapers, Stephen King, yes that Stephen King, tweeted this pearl of wisdom:

Stick to authoring novels that sell on the fumes of your fading career Mr. King. Joe Biden gets lost in the bushes when he wanders around at the White House. It is unclear if he even knows he is the President sometimes. The man does not have enough energy to make it past lunch before his handlers lid the day. Trump crushes him on energy level alone.

Rather than serious debate about Joe Biden’s current abilities, the left labels disagreement on Ukraine with the current Administration as shilling for Russia. One of the dumbest members of Congress who has an affinity for foreign spies tweeted this:

The American people are tired of the shrill ‘if you dissent you work for Russia’ trope that Swalwell specifically, and democrats generally, have been pushing for years. You do not have to be pro-Putin to make the argument that we should be focusing more on our southern border than Ukraine’s border. That is a position that most Americans take.

Yet again, the cultural and political elites are out of step with what a majority of the people want. Instead of focusing on our ills at home, we are left with a political class that wants to distract us with another foreign war. The only question is, will it work as it always has in the past? Hopefully, there are too many awake Americans to let that happen.