US Senator Warns: ‘Worst Is Yet To Come’ From Biden’s Vaccine Tyranny

Compliance is the number one goal of President Joe Biden’s administration, and his ability to lead is dwindling. Most political leaders see a decline in compliance as mandates roll through cities and businesses.  

Ron Johnson (R-WI) warns that this isn’t the end of mandates for the Covid-19 vaccine. The problem is, there’s no scientific or constitutionality to the mandates that the Biden administration is pushing out. Covid-19 has a 1.6% death rate compared to past viruses, and it dwindles in comparison. That 1.6% death rate goes down considerably as patients get younger and healthier.  

In December 2020, Biden said that the Covid-19 vaccine shouldn’t be mandatory. It’s fascinating that the president said this and just after mandated federal employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine or lose their job. Biden hides behind compliance and other government organizations to force compliance when the total Covid-19 vaccine numbers aren’t going up as fast as his handlers expect.  

Businesses, big and small, are pushing back and have publicly told the Biden administration that they will take them to court the Biden administration or any others place fines on them like The Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing.

The fact that natural immunity is excluded from mandates is something that should raise some eyebrows. If the Covid-19 vaccine gives your body an antibody response, then the virus will do the same and protect you moving forward.  

Johnson said, “Those of us who attempt to inform the public of these three realities are not only the targets of vilification, we are also magnets for people who desperately want their stories to be told so others can avoid harm.”  

Johnson was discussing natural immunity, vaccine injuries and deaths, and post-vaccination illnesses. The Biden administration wants to make the Covid-19 vaccines appear as safe as possible so that they can tell you they’re required, and you won’t question them. In reality, there are serious legal questions about the government’s ability to mandate a vaccine under emergency use authorization, and the Biden administration knows that.  

The problem is, if you speak about “the three deadly sins,” then you’ll be censored, or the information will be flagged as “misinformation” or “fact-checked.” In reality, though, the information should be made very public, and if the government had been more transparent, the public trust would be much higher. The problem is that Democrats said they wouldn’t take the Covid-19 vaccine if it were created under former President Donald Trump’s administration. The Covid-19 vaccines were created by the same people that are creating them today, the pharmaceutical companies. The Democrats then came out and were supportive of the Covid-19 vaccines under Biden’s administration. It’s the same “bait and switch” that’s been going on since Biden was elected. They say one thing and do another.  

Johnson stated that he received a letter from a pilot who had the Covid-19 vaccine and experienced partial blindness in one eye and migraine headaches over two days and that his doctor told him he had “micro strokes.” The pilot said that he didn’t report this to the Federal Aviation Administration because he didn’t want to lose his pilot certification, which would take away his livelihood.  

It is a problem with the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. There’s no opt-out for individuals who might be more susceptible to conditions associated with vaccine administration.  

Johnson warns that mass vaccination isn’t slowing the spread of Covid-19. It isn’t a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” It’s a pandemic of authoritarianism. The CDC says that 66% of Americans are fully vaccinated, which is very close to the herd immunity that Dr. Anthony Fauci used to talk about. The 66% includes over 95% of people over age 65, which should be a huge success given that 65 is the age that the death rate considerably increases.