US Canadian Import-Export Business Is Changing For The Worse

Supply chain issues are affecting Americans across the United States. The COVID-19 vaccine mandates and international checkpoints have made it extremely difficult for truckers to do their job effectively. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made this problem even worse with the medical tyranny happening at the US-Canada border and the ridiculous idea that truckers can “self-quarantine” for any time just for crossing the border.

On January 15, 2022, truckers will be required to show proof of vaccination when crossing the US-Canada border after being considered essential since March 2020. How could that possibly help the supply chain crisis or Americans and Canadians ability to continue life as usual? It’s been a government-induced pandemic from the beginning, and it’s easier to see now than ever.

President Joe Biden will do nothing to stop this because he wants to force everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine but was stopped by the Supreme Court.

Total goods traded between Canada and the United States was $718.4 billion in 2019, with $360.4 billion in exports and $358 billion in imports. What makes Biden or Trudeau think that this is a good idea? An estimated 30,000 truckers will be affected by this ridiculous policy change that will cause shortages in Canada, the mainland US, and Alaska.

That means that Biden is intentionally withholding goods from Americans because he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to stop the policy, or at least try.

Truckers are taking matters into their own hands by blocking highways at the border of the US and Canada. It’s a move that most are supportive of because it’s necessary. Nobody can allow tyranny to continue before they act.

A recent border crossing shows a truck driver speaking to someone requesting an address where the truck driver will be quarantined, to which the truck driver declines to answer. It is the new Canada and US commerce system. Comply, or you can’t work, comply, or you don’t get your products.

A few years ago, the manufacturing crisis wasn’t in the government’s purview. An unelected official has overtaken the governmental process and skipped the checks and balances until the Supreme Court stops the cycle. That’s not how representative democracy works. Most things have to be legislated to be enforced.

Businesses do have the ability to manage themselves the way they see fit. Still, if a business pushes authoritarian policies, they should be stopped, especially when it’s going to disrupt products getting to homes across the country.