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US Logs Highest Single Day COVID-19 Death Toll

US Logs Highest Single Day COVID-19 Death Toll

(UnitedVoice.com) – The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging almost a year after it made it’s way throughout the world. As of January 7, the virus has killed nearly 2 million people across the world, and more than 374,000 of those deaths have taken place in the US. Unfortunately, the virus is still taking lives in America.

According to officials, 3,963 Americans died from coronavirus complications on Wednesday, January 6. The death toll was the highest for a single day since the pandemic began and is believed to be a result of the winter surge.

It’s important to remember the virus’ death rate is still very low. The number of people dying is certainly frightening, but the vast majority of those people are high-risk. There are more people surviving than there are people dying and everyone should remember that while they take the steps necessary to keep themselves and their families safe.

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