Under 100 Days: Abrams’ Odds for Georgia Governor are Slimming

July 31 marked 100 days until November’s general election, and few races in the nation have more spotlight cast on them than that for Georgia’s governor. But for Hollywood and media darling Stacey Abrams, time appears to be running out.

The Democrat is in a heated rematch of her 2018 election loss that she still has yet to concede. Despite millions in funds from liberal stalwarts elsewhere, Georgia voters appear unconvinced that she is the right choice.

The latest numbers from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution show incumbent Republican Brian Kemp with a 5-point lead over Abrams, 48% to 43%. Only 7% say they are undecided, which is hardly surprising considering the stark contrast between the two contenders.

The same AJC poll showed Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) led GOP challenger Herschel Walker (R) by 3 points, 46% to 43%.

Kemp is a conservative, pro-life, and pro-business governor who touts the state’s welcoming of investment and quality of life. Abrams famously told a suburban Atlanta gathering that the state she wants to lead is “the worst” to live in.

More numbers back up the lead that Kemp has over his two-time challenger. The latest Real Clear Politics average shows the governor with a 48.2% to 44% over Abrams. Another survey in late July, this by Fox News, put Abrams down by three points.

One area where Kemp has a significant lead is in the gender of prospective voters. The gap with male voters is 57% to 33% in favor of the incumbent, while Abrams leads 51% to 41% among female voters.

That gap is also present in the Senate race as Warnock pulls down a 19-point lead among female voters and Walker has a 16-point lead among male voters. A gap hurting Walker is that only 83% of Republicans support his candidacy, as opposed to 93% for Kemp.

The governor’s race in particular is under tight scrutiny nationwide, and many Democrats quietly believe Abrams blew her best chance at victory in 2018. It’s still far too early for a Kemp victory lap, but it appears his message and record are resonating with Georgia voters.