Ukrainian Lawmaker Oleksandra Ustinova Rips Into Biden For Not Doing Enough

A member of the Ukrainian Parliament joined Today with Savannah Guthrie to rant about Joe Biden’s lack of enthusiasm for war. Ukraine Deputy Oleksandra Ustinova told Savannah that President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was frustrating. She considers Russia’s savage attack on her country grounds for retaliation by the US and NATO forces.

Ukrainians were watching President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. But to them, the State of the American Union was a mess. They are disillusioned by the weak and inept leadership of Sleepy Joe.

Ustinova harped that the entire world is watching Ukrainians being executed. Ustinova said she is terrified with bombs going off and missiles consistently launched into homes and apartments. She sees kids dying because they did not make it to the Soviet-era bunkers placed in train stations. Russians are attacking shelters and schools. So, she thinks that the American president should have made a better case for an all-out war. If the USA does start World War III, then it’s not a party.

Biden said that the United States wouldn’t send troops to guard Ukraine. He said that because Ukraine is not part of NATO, which Zelenskyy deftly avoided joining, he will not issue restricted air space warnings or surface to air protections over the country. Creating a no-fly zone will increase head-to-head conflict between NATO and Russian air forces.

Ustinova thinks that a US enforced no-fly zone is a good idea. It is fundamental to Ukrainian defense plans. On the off chance that Russia continues to bombard Kyiv, it is sure that the capital will fall unless NATO attacks Russia’s air assets.

The Ukrainian Parliament member thinks that Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue his march to the sea and run through Poland and the rest of Europe. President Biden said that the US would safeguard every last bit of the failing NATO.

Ukraine was guaranteed the same thing when they surrendered nuclear weapons and we can all see how well that worked out. Any nation hoping that the US will provide cover is having second thoughts right now. Putin has proven that the US promises come from a paper tiger. North Korea and China are watching too. In 1994, Ukraine signed the Budapest Memorandum. This agreement required Ukraine to surrender its nuclear weapons in return for Russia’s obligation never to assault the country. Russia forgot about that last part.

Ustinova said that Putin must have crossed the line for NATO and the US to rain down holy hell on the Russian troops, armor and bases. But this critique comes up short for most Americans, especially the men and women who would be put in harm’s way.