Two Victims Brutally Attacked After Graduation Ceremony

Young graduates celebrate graduation in a park, throwing their caps in the air. They cherish achieved goals, teamwork, and create beautiful memories with friends and faculty.

On Long Island, five masked men attacked and stabbed two people on Wednesday in a melee outside Hofstra University’s sports complex following a graduation ceremony for a charter school. 

The assault occurred within three hours of the Uniondale Charter School graduation ceremony ending at 4 p.m. at David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex in Hempstead.

A source has said that it seems to be a domestic dispute, not random. The victim said the masked men robbed an adult guest and one of the attendees who was leaving the ceremony. The adult victim received a cut to the leg, while the graduate was slashed in the ear.

Academy Charter School officials released a statement saying the incident is believed to be related to a domestic dispute. They stated, “Everyone going into the service went through metal detectors. Our security team is now working with Nassau County Police and Hofstra Public Safety officers.”

The two victims were rushed to a hospital for treatment and are expected to live, thanks to the rapid response.

After the assault, Nassau County Police increased patrols in the area to ease fears and help prevent more attacks. Police are currently reviewing security footage from the scene and speaking with witnesses to learn more about the suspects as they actively work to solve the case.

Police have described that incident as a violent assault, and community members were left stunned, given the celebratory nature of the event. Parents, students, and staff from the school are still reeling from the incident, which has called into question the effectiveness of the security at Adelaide’s schools.

Officials said local governmental and school officials would review the current security measures and discuss how to prevent further incidents.

Police ask anyone with information about the attack to come forward as they work to identify the suspects.