Twitter Roasts Jill Biden For Giving Women Of Courage Award To Man

First lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were mocked on social media for presenting a “Women of Courage” award to a man.

According to a press release from the State Department, the International Women of Courage award ceremony was held to honor “11 extraordinary women from around the world who are working to build a brighter future for all.”

Alba Rueda, an Argentinian man who claims he is a woman, was one of the honorees.

Rueda was introduced as a “transgender woman who was kicked out of classrooms, barred for sitting for exams, refused job opportunities, subjected to violence, and rejected by her family. But in the face of these challenges, she worked to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ plus community in Argentina.”

Rueda, 46, currently serves as Argentina’s Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

Receiving the women’s award isn’t the only thing Rueda is doing to try to erase women. According to the State Department, he has actively campaigned to change the name of the “National Women’s Conference” to the “Plurinational Conference of Women and Lesbian, Cross-Dresser, Transgender, Bisexual, Intersex, and Non-Binary Persons” in an attempt to include “diverse, dissident, and racialized identities.”

The first lady and Blinken both made a show of shaking Rueda’s hand and kissing him during the ceremony in a clear attempt to virtue signal while giving a man a woman’s award.

Twitter lit up with backlash against Blinken, Biden and the award ceremony itself.

“It’s International Women’s Day – a good time to remember that Democrats can’t even tell you what a woman is,” wrote Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“Nice of FLOTUS to encourage the diminishment of women on ‘international women’s day.’ Erasing women is abusive,” said Dana Loesch, host of “The Dana Show.”

“Apparently men are a lot better at being women than women are. Step up your game, ladies,” Townhall columnist and radio personality Derek Hunter responded.

“A fake Dr giving an award to a fake woman is sort of ironic,” one Twitter user wrote, referring to “Dr.” Jill Biden’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in educational leadership.

“The Left always whining about “the patriarchy” and then giving an International Women’s Day award to a man is peak Progressivism,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Nothing screams ‘International Women of Courage Award’ like a dude,” said RedState columnist Buzz Patterson.