Twitter is Taking Down Accounts That Accuse People of Grooming Children

In America today, there are many serious concerns about what children are being exposed to.

These concerns have been fueled by left-wing activists and officials supporting drag queens in children’s libraries and classrooms. Weeks ago, a video from Dallas, Texas went viral of children attending a graphic drag show at a strip club.

This isn’t all, though. At the same time, many schools are also pushing left-wing gender theories on kids, along with critical race theory teachings. Like the fiascos with drag queens, many parents aren’t comfortable with their children being exposed to this content.

Folks who insist that children should have a front-row seat to drag queens, gender ideology, and other graphically explicit content are now being labeled as “groomers” by concerned citizens.

Twitter, meanwhile, is beginning to move against accounts that call other people “groomers,” rather than those who call for young children to have exposure to graphic content and deep-seated political agendas in schools.

More Censorship From Twitter
Author James Lindsay recently had this Twitter account nuked after he used his platform on YouTube to warn about children being targeted by groomers.

Lindsay specifically stated that an employee of the left-wing Media Matters outlet is a “groomer,” due to this person claiming that to refer to anyone as a groomer, despite their behavior, is a “slur.”

According to Twitter, the user of “groomer” falls under the category of hate speech and abuse of persons based on their gender identity.

Meanwhile, the word groomer has always been used in reference to not someone’s gender identity, but rather their predatory conduct towards kids and other vulnerable people. This conduct is ultimately meant to be manipulative for exploitative purposes.

Twitter hasn’t taken down videos of children being exposed to drag queens. There also wasn’t any outrage from the platform toward accounts that saw no issue with kids being in a strip club with signage reading “It Won’t Lick Itself.”

Lindsay remained frozen out of his account until he removes the “groomer” tweet about the Media Matters worker.

More Trouble Ahead?
Twitter’s takedown of Lindsey’s account is concerning to many Americans who worry about what children are being exposed to in their classrooms, libraries, and other settings.

The social media company now stands accused of putting the hurt feelings of potential predators above the safety and wellbeing of this nation’s most vulnerable citizens.