Tulsi Gabbard Gets ‘Way Too Honest’ About What Inspired 9/11 Terrorist Attacks And The Frothy-Mouthed Left ‘Just Can’t Deal’

Tulsi Gabbard kills it with the resistance of her party, the Democrat party. She does label herself as a Democrat, but a classic Democrat. The new-age Democratic party beliefs don’t fit themselves inside of American culture. America was built on the rebellion of dictatorship-style leadership, and the Democrat party has shown itself to be control freaks in the political realm. And many Democrats aren’t okay with it and have abandoned their parties’ beliefs while holding on to hope that it can be turned around.

This country needs Democrat and Republican leadership. The dictator-style English reign wasn’t working for the settlers, so they left and fought for their freedom.

It is the correct interpretation of the middle eastern country’s ideological Islamic belief that they hold today, but also what the Qur’an teaches. The Prophet Muhammad called for violence against anyone who wouldn’t convert to Islam and enslaved others. If the Democrats hated slavery so much and defended women’s rights, they would be against the teachings of the Qur’an.

People love to blame Americans for their unrealistic view of extreme Muslims for terrorist attacks worldwide, and if we were more “tolerant,” we wouldn’t get attacked. That’s ridiculous. The teachings of Allah, the Muslim God, say that killing others makes you a martyr, and you inherit the kingdom and 72 virgins waiting in heaven. Where are the feminists now? Allah also permitted the Prophet Muhammad to marry a 6-year-old and can sleep with her nine years old. These beliefs go against western culture and the equality of men and women.

While Gabbard got slammed on Twitter by Democrats, she tells the truth from a slightly left view. The veteran politician has seen the world in a light many others haven’t seen. She deployed on several occasions and served her country honorably. Something most “woke” leftists know nothing about. And I’m not talking about being deployed to Portland, Oregon, with the Antifa brigade.

Many people mentioned U.S. war crimes against middle eastern countries, but the countries have used that as an excuse on many occasions. The war crimes are consistently being executed against their citizens, particularly their women and children. Women aren’t given the same rights as men, and therefore the country’s moral code is corrupted. That’s what people need to understand.