Tucker Carlson Refuses to Delete Tweet About Biden Official

Tucker Carlson is part of a group of commentators who are currently refusing to delete posts about Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health that tech giant, Twitter, has marked as “hateful conduct.” The posts all assert in some manner the fact that Rachel Levine is actually a biological male, born as Richard Levine.

The host of the most popular show on cable news television, who has 4.9 million followers on Twitter, shared a notice from Twitter sent to The Babylon Bee, a news satire account operated by Christian media observers. Twitter used the “hateful conduct” tag to warn the outlet about a post in which it named Levine as its “Man of the Year” winner.

As a result, Twitter locked his account, demanding that he delete the post in order to be considered for reinstatement.

Carlson also posted a similar notice sent to Turning Point USA CEO Charlie Kirk who made a post summarizing Levine’s life in a factually truthful way. Kirk noted that Levine lived the first 54 years of his life as a man with a wife and family. His “transition” began in 2011.

Biden appointed Levine as 4-star Admiral. Levine was named “Woman of the Year” by USA Today. After setting out those facts, Kirk asked, “Where are the feminists??”

Carlson wrote that both of the posts, sanctioned by Twitter, are true. He also said that there is nothing hateful about either post. Carlson said that the “point of the exercise” is not to try to convince anyone that “biology isn’t real,” but to make Americans repeat a lie that they “know perfectly well is not true.”

A Carlson spokesperson said that he has no intention of removing his post.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon also said he will not delete the tweet that caused the suspension of his account. He added, “Truth is not hate speech” and said that if the post costs his company its account on Twitter, “so be it.” Kirk has expressed a similar position about his censored post.

Twitter has suspended at least four accounts in the last week for either calling Levine a man or discussing the censorship issue.

When Babylon Bee Editor Kyle Mann referenced how the Chinese Communist Party is allowed to maintain propaganda accounts on Twitter while conservatives are censored, the platform suspended his account also.

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk made news in the last week by suggesting it is time for someone with sufficient resources, perhaps himself, to develop and open up a platform that can compete with Twitter that actually believes in free speech. There are many conservatives who probably wish Musk would either buy Twitter or invest in Gab.