Trump vs Biden Debate Shocks the Nation


There have been persistent allegations for weeks that the first presidential debate was arranged far sooner than usual to give Democrats more opportunity to trash Joe Biden should he falter. Some conjectured that there would be time to persuade Biden to resign and for the party to unite around a different candidate prior to the Democratic convention in August.


That’s where we are, said the appalled talking heads on CNN, commenting following the discussion that their network aired. Even supporters of Biden were forced to concede that the president didn’t seem to be able to hold office for another four years. They weren’t by themselves.


Following that, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote, “But I hope he reviews his debate performance Thursday evening and withdraws from the race, throwing the choice of a Democratic nominee to the convention in August.” The article was headed “President Biden, I’ve Seen Enough.”

According to a report on X by The Kobeissi Letter, during the debate, the likelihood of Donald Trump winning the November election increased by more than 10%, reaching a record-breaking 63%. Even more astonishingly, oddsmakers had given Biden an 86% chance of receiving the nomination prior to the debate; that number has since dropped to a 38% likelihood that he won’t. It makes sense.


It is inconceivable, in fact, that anyone who watched the first presidential debate in 2024 could possibly vote for Joe Biden to win a second term. Biden waved as he entered the stage, possibly unaware that there was no live audience. The president’s puzzled, blank glances mixed with his mumbled, occasionally incoherent remarks established the tone for the evening. A wag on X mentioned that the Biden team had included a translator, which would have been helpful at certain points. Biden was in excellent company; at one point, even former President Trump said he had no idea what Biden was talking about.


The evening was an astounding fiasco, especially since Joe Biden had taken a full week to get ready for the debate, which included, according to reports, sleeping in, adjusting to a later bedtime, and, most likely, taking medication to improve his cognitive performance.

During the ninety-minute presidential debate between the two candidates, Joe Biden repeatedly withdrew to make false accusations about his predecessor. He repeatedly claimed that Trump had left behind a “free fall” economy with extremely high unemployment; in reality, the economy was quickly rebounding from the COVID shutdowns, increasing at 6% in the first quarter of 2021 when Biden assumed president and saw a sharp decline in unemployment from 6.4%.