Trump Vows To ‘Make America Great Again’ For Young People

Former President Donald Trump announced this week in an op-ed that he would “make America great again for young people.” The opinion piece came as multiple polls showed disenchantment among many young people for President Joe Biden and significant gains for Trump among young voters in a potential head-to-head match.

The former president’s piece in Newsweek says that “young Americans are rejecting Joe Biden’s reign of failure, incompetence and corruption.”

He said that during his tenure, his administration “created the strongest and most prosperous economy in the history of the world.” He cited increases in personal income, low inflation and low gas prices.

Trump also said that the American economy “had never been better for young Americans, but for the past three years, young people have borne the heavy costs of the failed Biden agenda.”

He cited “crippling inflation, soaring prices, skyrocketing interest rates, unaffordable housing and escalating crime” as affecting Americans as a whole and young people in particular.

The former president wrote that high interest rates bring “home ownership out of reach for countless young Americans.”

“Sadly, many younger Americans are putting their lives on hold because they think the Biden economy leaves them no choice,” Trump wrote.

“Instead of helping our young people confidently begin their lives, careers and families, Joe Biden is crushing their dreams with debt, taxes and inflation, and paving the way for a future of anger and despair,” the former president added.

The former president has also received good news recently regarding a potential rematch against Biden.

An Emerson College poll from October found that Trump would beat Biden among this age cohort, 47%-45%.

This represented a gain from the pollster’s previous survey. It also represents a significant increase in support for Trump, who lost young voters by a significant margin to Biden in 2020.

In addition, young voters gave Biden the widest support of any age group last election.

In addition, Biden has received low marks from young people on a number of issues. In particular, since October the president’s approval has dipped with younger voters due to his stance in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.