Trump Takes Lead In Wisconsin Poll

Former President Donald Trump took the lead over President Joe Biden in the important midwestern swing state of Wisconsin, according to a recent poll. The state’s electoral votes could be an essential part of a winning coalition in next year’s election.

The poll released Thursday by Emerson found that Trump led the field with 42%, while Biden followed with 40%. Of the potential voters, 11% chose “someone else” while another 8% were undecided.

In addition, 34% of Badger State residents approve of Biden’s performance as president, with another 49% disapproving.

Trump carried strong support from those who chose him in the poll. Among voters who selected the former president, 51% said that there was nothing that he could do that would change their votes.

Wisconsin voted for a Republican candidate in 2016 for the first time in almost 30 years, as part of Trump’s victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In 2020, Biden narrowly carried the state, as well as Michigan and Pennsylvania, leading him to the White House.

Any strategy by the Trump team to gain 270 electoral votes and victory will likely include the Badger State. Republicans have made significant gains in Wisconsin over the last decade, which could help propel the former president’s 2024 campaign.

The Wisconsin poll also came after one that showed Trump with a significant lead in Pennsylvania. Similar to Wisconsin, the Keystone State went to Trump in 2016 and to Biden in 2020.

The Emerson poll released Wednesday saw Trump leading in the state with 45%, while Biden lagged behind with 36%.

A nationwide Marquette poll found that Trump carried a significant majority of Americans when asked about specific issues. On the topic of the economy, Trump leads with 52% to Biden’s 28%. On border security, Trump again leads 52-28%.

The former president also led when asked about inflation and creating jobs with similar margins. Trump also carried a 43-38% lead on the question of which candidate would be best to carry out the country’s foreign affairs.