Trump Says Election ‘Most Important’ Day In American History

Former President Donald Trump said that this year’s election day will be the most important in American history. He made the comment after a New York jury convicted him in a criminal trial, which he condemned.

Trump held a press conference following the conviction, where he decried the verdict.

“Nov. 5 will be the most important day in the history of this country,” he said during the press conference.

Trump said that the country was “dealing with a corrupt government.” He argued that the nation’s “elections are corrupt.”

“They have a lot of money on the other side. I don’t know where they get it — nobody knows where they get it — but, for some reason, they get money. But they’re not on the side of our country. In many ways, I think they hate our country,” he said.

Trump said that the United States is in “serious trouble.” He said that the United States is struggling with a $36 trillion debt. He also cited issues with energy production due to the policies of President Joe Biden.

He added that people from “Venezuela” and “Congo, Africa” were coming into the country after being released from prison.

Trump cited the effects of illegal immigration, saying that they were “coming from corners of the globe” and that many were “not good people.” He added that some of the migrants crossing the border were terrorists.

The former president’s comments came as he pushed back against the results of the trial. Trump said that he was faced by “conflicted” Judge Juan Merchan. He added that he sought to testify but was ultimately afraid of being accused of perjury.

“We’re going to show them,” said the former president. He said that many others would have “gone away” after the attacks against him. He cited the two impeachment efforts against him and said that he was also mistreated by two other judges.

Trump’s campaign also announced a major fundraising haul following the announcement.