Trump Says Country Risks Depression If Biden Reelected

Former President Donald Trump said that the United States risked another economic depression if President Joe Biden was elected to another term. His comments came during an interview where the former president vowed “revenge” after his criminal conviction in a New York court last week.

“If I don’t win, you’re going to have a depression like in 1929,” said the former president, referencing the Great Depression. The Great Depression severely impacted the United States from 1929 until 1941.

“One of the greatest analysts on Wall Street, considered maybe the best, said the only reason the stock market’s high is because they think Trump is going to win,” he told Fox News in an interview.

Trump’s comments came amid increasing concern about the American economy and the debt of the federal government.

The Biden administration received considerable criticism over the highest inflation rates in the United States in more than 40 years.

Trump also said that the United States had been doing “great” during his tenure in office and that it is declining under Biden.

He made similar comments during a press event held Friday.

“We’re a nation in decline, serious decline,” Trump continued. “Millions and millions of people pouring into our country right now from prisons and from mental institutions, terrorists and they’re taking over our country. We have a country that’s in big trouble,” he said.

Trump criticized the jury verdict in both the press event and the Fox News interview. During Friday’s event, the former president called the result “rigged.”

“This was a rigged decision right from day one, with a conflicted judge who should have never been allowed to try this case, never,” he said.

“We’ll keep fighting. We’ll fight till the end, and we’ll win because our country’s gone to hell,” said Trump.

His comments were echoed by attorney Alina Habba, who said that the Trump legal team would bring the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. He comments came as the former president denies any wrongdoing in the case reportedly linked to the aftermath of an alleged brief relationship with former adult film actress Stormy Daniels.