Trump Requests ‘Special Master’ To Review Seized Documents

Former President Donald Trump filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the FBI investigation and unprecedented raid of his Florida home. Part of the filing included a request to stop the FBI review of documents seized from his residence.

That review could proceed when a neutral Special Master is appointed to comb through them.

The 27-page lawsuit describes the search warrant as overly broad and the Aug. 8 raid as a “shockingly aggressive move.” Trump’s attorneys said “law enforcement is a shield that protects America” and should not be used as a political weapon.

The suit asks for assistance after the “unprecedented and unnecessary raid.”

The former president said in a separate statement that all the documents had been previously declassified and were “illegally seized from my home.”

This statement drew a short response from the Justice Department, which asserted that a federal judge authorized the search after seeing probable cause a crime was committed.

Trump’s Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief is quite specific in its requests. It asks for the Special Master to be appointed, for the FBI to cease reviewing documents until that appointment, asks for a detailed property receipt and the return of items taken outside the warrant’s scope.

Part of Trump’s arguments concern the principle of executive privilege, which permits presidents to withhold certain information from the public and other branches of government. His attorneys argued that their requests involve the assumption of executive privilege and protecting that principle.

His filing suggested a political motivation for the raid and said it was done without “understanding of the distress” that it would cause a majority of the American public.

It described Trump as the “clear frontrunner” for the Republican nomination for president in the 2024 race if he decides to run. Political motivations, the filing clearly asserted, cannot be part of the judicial investigative motivation or process.

The American people have a clear sense of right and wrong, and the expectation of fair play was broken with the raid on the former president’s home. It is high time that the politicization of the Justice Department ends and the political persecution of Trump comes to a close.