Trump Requesting Change Of Venue, Recusal In Latest Case

Former President Donald Trump is seeking several significant changes in the 2020 election aftermath trial. The former president wrote on social media that he hoped for Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself from the case and for it to be moved out of Washington D.C.

Trump wrote on Truth Social that there “is no way I can get a fair trial with the judge ‘assigned’ to the ridiculous freedom of speech/fair elections case. Everybody knows this, and so does she!”

The former president said that his legal team would be “immediately asking for recusal of this judge on very powerful grounds, and likewise for venue change.”

He further took aim at special counsel Jack Smith. Trump said that the current case against him could have been brought “years ago.” Instead, Trump argued, the “deranged” prosecutor “chose to wait and bring it right in the middle of my election campaign. No way!!!”

Trump’s comments also follow requests from Smith’s teams regarding a protective order for the former president. Trump had made several previous comments on social media about the case.

Trump’s attorneys requested an extension to respond to Smith’s request, which was denied by Chutkan.

The comments by the former president also come as one of his attorneys, John Lauro, said that former Vice President Mike Pence would be “one of our best witnesses at trial.”

The attorney said that the former vice president “recognizes” that John Eastman, one of the advisers giving Trump legal advice after the 2020 election, “was a renowned legal scholar.” 

The attorney also said that Pence “recognized that there were discrepancies and fraud in connection with the election. He wanted it to be debated on Capitol Hill; Mr. Trump wanted it to be debated in the state legislatures.”

The former vice president said last week that he would testify in the upcoming court case if requested.

“I have no plans to testify, but people can be confident we’ll — we’ll obey the law,” Pence told CBS News. “We’ll respond to the call of the law if it comes, and we’ll just tell the truth.”