Trump Releases ‘9 Word Warning’ Every American Should Brace For Impact

Why does it constantly seem like former President Donald Trump is running the country? Because he partly is.

Trump’s policies worked. The Supreme Court had sided on the “Trump standard” when President Joe Biden had to reinstate the “remain in Mexico” policy for migrants to obtain green cards. Trump’s border security has been much better than Biden’s policy of, well, doing nothing. Trump hired a tech company to bring innovation to national security and has started putting up towers of artificial intelligence software devices that recognize human movement and relay the information to Border Patrol.

Trump’s latest warning came in the form of 9 specific words; “our country is more unsafe now than ever before.”

There’s a reason the country was safer under Trump. It’s because he cared. Trump still gets tens of thousands of attendees at his rallies, and he represents the patriotic Americans that love this country and love their freedoms.

Biden has let loose a storm of illegal immigrants and used federal agents to traffic tens of thousands across the country with an envelope requesting assistance into airplanes. Those envelopes supposedly had $2,500 in cash inside of them. America’s compassionate side says that all deserve freedom and the ability to make a better life. Still, the Democrats are using this as an opportunity to gain more votes, and they’ve snuck into their “infrastructure” deal for hundreds of millions of dollars for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. Luckily some Democrats are standing up for America and are tired of Biden’s destructive agenda and are voting no on the infrastructure bill, especially after his horrific Afghanistan withdrawal.

Trump had plans to leave Afghanistan just like Biden did. The execution of Biden’s new withdrawal was not the same as Trump’s. Trump expected the Taliban to cooperate, but Biden did nothing to stop the Taliban from taking over and kidnapping hundreds of Americans. Biden gave the Taliban biometric devices and the names of Americans and our allies who were planning on leaving Afghanistan. Did they get out? Nobody knows. The State Department will have to testify to Congress on the withdrawal and insight into who was left behind in the coming weeks.

With the Biden administration, uncertainty had become the new norm. Covid-19 vaccine mandates for our troops but hasn’t mandated White House staff to get it shows what they think of the Covid-19 vaccine. Its efficacy is in question anyway, but their lobbyist friends at Pfizer and Moderna want their investment back, and what better way to do it than to make every American take it.

The Democrats also love to push unemployment, but with unemployment benefits coming to an end from the federal government, the left suggests private businesses fire their employees if they don’t get vaccinated, putting the country into another recession if enough people quit. Hospitals have seen the worst of this, and nurses are quoting across the nation in record numbers.

Trump will be back in one way or another. Americans are holding onto their seats in the meantime and waiting for the opportunity to relax and know that the government is efficient and can take care of their business.