Trump Receiving Support From Around The World

On Wednesday, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador criticized the prosecution of former President Donald Trump, stating that legal proceedings should not be employed as a means of manipulating elections.

“Supposedly, legal issues should not be used for electoral, political purposes. That’s why I don’t agree with what they are doing to ex-President Trump. It should be the people who decide.”

The Mexican president made his remarks after Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 counts linked to a payment made by his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels in 2016. The charges were brought by Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

While serving as heads of state, Trump and López had a generally cordial relationship, but Trump’s strict immigration policies often created some tension during diplomatic talks.

Some foreign leaders have criticized the indictment, with El Salvador President Nayib Bukele arguing that prosecuting the opposition leader could weaken America’s position in favor of democracy when criticizing similar legal actions taken in other countries.

The president tweeted, “Sadly, it’ll be very hard for US Foreign Policy to use arguments such as ‘democracy’ and ‘free and fair elections,’ or try to condemn ‘political persecution’ in other countries, from now on.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed his support for Trump more explicitly stating, “Keep on fighting, Mr. President! We are with you,” and even sharing a picture of them shaking hands.

Support from foreign leaders is not the only form of support Trump has received since his indictment. Fox News is reporting that former President Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign has received more than $12 million in donations in the week since the indictment was announced against him.

According to the Trump campaign’s statement to Fox News Digital, the campaign received $4 million in donations within the initial 24 hours after news of the indictment broke, with an additional $8 million being raised in the following days.

Trump is also now ahead in the Republican primary polls, with a recent poll indicating a direct primary battle against Ron DeSantis would result in the former president winning by a 33-point margin, an increase from only 12 points in January.