Trump Opens Large Lead In Georgia

The campaign of former President Donald Trump received positive news last week from a recent poll showing him significantly ahead of President Joe Biden in Georgia. The state, which narrowly went to Biden four years ago, may be the one to decide the fate of the Electoral College.

Trump is currently leading Biden by 8% according to the most recent Fox News poll. Trump currently has 51% compared to 43% for Biden. The result in 2020 was decided by less than half a point.

The former president enjoys strong support among a number of different groups in the state. While Trump heads with evangelical Christians, which may be expected, he also has a 7% lead among voters under the age of 35.

Trump also has a significant lead among independent voters, who will likely decide the state’s fate in November. Currently, Trump is leading that group with 51% as compared to Biden’s 31%.

Voters also choose Trump’s policy approaches on almost every issue asked.

Recent polls have also shown Trump ahead in most of the swing states he needs to win in November.

Biden’s 2020 win in the Peach State represented the first time that a Democrat won there in more than two decades. The president’s narrow victory was aided by increasing numbers of Latino, Black, Asian and young voters in the state.

Despite the advantage Biden had with some demographic groups in 2020, it appears likely that he is losing support among non-White and younger voters. Various polls show Biden receiving significantly fewer Black, young and Latino voters compared to his 2020 result.

Georgia is also playing another major role in Trump’s election effort. He is currently facing felony charges filed by Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis. Willis charged Trump in connection to his actions after the 2020 election.

Despite this, Willis has come under considerable criticism for her handling of the case, including allegedly hiring a lover as a prosecutor against the former president.