Trump Moves Closer In New York

Former President Donald Trump has moved within single digits of President Joe Biden in New York State, according to a recent poll. The survey results come as Trump gained momentum in other traditionally Democratic states and vowed to win New York.

The most recent Siena College poll showed Biden holding 47% in New York. Trump followed with 38%. Trump has gained 1% since last month.

Despite the fact that Trump is trailing, he has made up considerable ground since the last election. Biden won the state by 23% in 2020. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the state by a similar margin in 2016.

The poll result also came after the former president planned a campaign event in New York City.

Trump has been visiting with voters following his court appearances in the city. He has been greeted by crowds of supporters and brought pizza to members of the New York Fire Department (NYFD).

The former president told voters there that he planned to win the Empire State, which a Republican presidential candidate has not done in more than 30 years.

In addition, the former president held a large rally in nearby New Jersey. The state has voted for Democrats for decades but has had several positive results for Republicans in recent elections. Trump’s campaign said that up to 100,000 people joined the New Jersey rally.

Trump said during his remarks in the Garden State that his campaign would make a serious push there.

His comments were also echoed during his remarks at the Minnesota Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner last week. The former president said that his campaign would make a concerted effort in the state.

Trump’s campaign nearly won Minnesota in 2016 and recent polls show him in a strong position there for November.

The positive results in New York and elsewhere also correspond with positive polls for Trump in a variety of swing states, which could ultimately decide the November election.