Trump Kicks Off Rally With Hit Single Featuring ‘J6 Prison Choir’

Former President Donald Trump began his first official 2024 presidential campaign rally in Waco, Texas, by playing the chart-topping song “Justice For All” — which features the former president reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while the “J6 Prison Choir” sings the National Anthem.

The hit song played at the start of the rally, after Trump took the stage amid chants of “USA!” from the excited crowd.

The “J6 Prison Choir” is made up of political prisoners from the January 6 Capitol protests, who reportedly sing the Star Spangled Banner every night before bed. The audio of them singing was recorded via phone, and was mixed with Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

According to Forbes, “a major recording artist who was not identified” was behind the production of the hit song.

Former Trump administration official Kash Patel also played a major role in helping to develop “Justice For All” — which has hit number one on multiple charts.

“We basically broke the music industry is what we did here, because we put America First values back front and center,” Patel told Breitbart News Saturday earlier this month. “And we said we’re going to use free speech platforms like Truth Social and Rumble, and then we’re going to debut a song that speaks to what’s on so many Americans’ minds.”

Last week, “Justice For All” landed at the top of Billboard’s Digital Songs Sales chart. Before being temporarily removed from iTunes, the song reached number one on their chart as well. The removal has since been blamed on “miscommunication,” according to a senior Apple executive who communicated with Patel about the matter.

“Seems to have been miscommunication between our communications department and our music operations team,” the Apple Music representative claimed. “The issue has been escalated and should be back up on our platform soon.”

The proceeds from “Justice For All” are being given to “certain J6 families in need,” according to Patel.

He went on to claim that “if we were raising money for Ukraine,” the song would not have been removed from iTunes.

Trump put on a huge show for the crowd at his first 2024 campaign rally. Beyond playing his hit song for the crowd, he also did a flyover in Trump Force One before the rally while the Top Gun theme played in the background.