Trump Just Sued Facebook And Instagram To Bring Back Freedom Of Speech For Republicans

People forget that former President Donald Trump has a lawsuit against social media companies because they banned him from their sites without just cause. The overreach of the companies to remove a sitting president but keep the Taliban’s account is disturbing. After a “whistleblower” inside Facebook came out about the lack of censorship, things could spiral downward quickly for the companies and anyone who uses them.  

Censorship is a huge issue on these platforms, and the White House teaming up with Facebook to flag misinformation is getting out of hand. At no point should the government have any hand in social media information.  

Trump opened up another lawsuit targeting Facebook and Instagram over free speech infringement. It’s already known that social media companies are exempt from the responsibility of their users, and some users need to be banned from the sites. Other predators have been allowed to exist for way too long, and Facebook’s obsession with Republicans and Covid-19 information has caused them to ignore some of the more significant issues.  

According to Trending Politics, Trump has issued a lawsuit against Facebook and Instagram to reinstate his accounts after they were banned. John Coale, Trump’s attorney, said, “This preliminary injunction against Facebook seems appropriate to file this week since they’ve been big in the news lately for all the issues they’re facing.”  

What Facebook doesn’t realize is that they’re not in a great position to argue with any lawsuit at this point. Facebook has upset both Democrats and Republicans within a year and a half, and the world is coming down on them for two different reasons. One side is against absolute freedom of speech, and the other is for free speech.  

The January 6th riots are proving to be dismal, if that, after the FBI said that they found little to no evidence of pre-planning. Trump was slammed for his call for the public to gather peacefully. What a crazy guy to ask for peaceful gatherings of the people. 

There will be no America that sees freedom of speech die. It will never happen. The overlords of the Democrat party are finding out that they don’t have as much power as they initially thought when states and the public don’t comply with their mandates and orders. Freedom isn’t just an idea, and it’s instilled in the foundation of American culture that will never die.