Trump Joins TikTok

Former President Donald Trump joined the popular social media app TikTok following a similar move by President Joe Biden. The effort came as the former president is seeking to gain among young people, who have traditionally voted for Democratic Party candidates.

Trump posted a video of his visit to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match in Newark, New Jersey. Trump was introduced by UFC CEO Dana White, who said that the former president was “now on TikTok.”

Trump responded by saying “It’s my honor.”

The former president saw immediate success following his announcement. More than one million people followed his new TikTok account in the hours following its opening.

The move by the former president could come at a good time for his campaign. Recent polls have shown Trump gaining among young voters.

The proportion of young people who are Republicans has increased in the last eight years, since Trump’s first campaign in 2024.

While the former president may not win the youth vote outright, any substantial gain would cut into Biden’s traditional base of support.

In addition, the former president is seeking further outreach to Black and Latino voters. Trump has gained considerably among both groups over the last four years. Polls have indicated increased concerns among both groups relating to economic challenges, especially inflation.

Trump’s move to TikTok also came several years after he vowed to ban the platform in the United States. Since then the former president has come out against a plan to force TikTok to divest or shut down in the United States.

Many members of Congress argued that the social media platform was controlled or influenced by the Chinese Communist Party through its parent company ByteDance.

ByteDance denies the allegations. However, a number of U.S. states ordered their agencies not to install the TikTok app on official phones.

Biden joined the app in February 2024. However, he also signed the TikTok divestment bill two months later. ByteDance must sell TikTok to an American owner or be banned from the country.