Trump Has Decided If He’s Running For President

Former President Donald Trump told New York Magazine that he has reached his decision on running for president in 2024. The only question now is whether to announce his choice before or after the pivotal November midterms.

In an interview published Thursday, the former president told the reporter: “I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore.”

Left to be determined is merely when to go public, and that timing hinges on the coming off-year races. Trump added, “Do I go before or after,” saying that is all that is left of his “big decision.”

Trump, like any other potential candidate, is weighing the advantages and drawbacks of announcing ahead of the field or waiting to see who jumps in. He correctly said that many potential Republican candidates would back away if he threw his hat into the ring.

Many reports contend the decision is affirmative and only the timing is in question. There were rumors that his announcement was coming near the July 4 holiday.

Other sources in his camp now say that if he doesn’t make his decision known this month, it would likely come in early September.

One drawback was raised by supporters such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). If Trump announces early and the GOP unexpectedly struggles in the midterms, he may be widely seen as responsible. This could erode his base of support.

Graham, for one, also sees a positive in Trump making a quicker announcement. The senator told the Washington Post that the “sooner he gets in…the better” in that it will refocus the former president on the future and “away from grievance.”

Asked about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, widely perceived to be the frontrunner if he doesn’t run, the former president said he does not consider the governor to be a rival.

Trump is widely reported to be meeting with advisors to discuss who would spearhead another presidential run. He is also said to be sitting with top donors about the possibility.

The 45th president expressed his confidence that if he chooses to run, he will win. Trump remains a highly popular figure in the Republican Party and public enemy number one for the radical left. The next presidential race may be one of the most entertaining in American history.